Motocross and Enduro Suspension Service

We offer you the following service possibilities of your suspension:

  • Motocross and Endurofork service and optional adaptation of the tuning
  • Motocross and Enduroshock absorber service and optional adaptation of the tuning
  • Fork service for street motorcycles and touring bikes with optional adaptation of the tuning
  • Shock absorber service for road motorcycles and touring motorcycles with optional tuning of the tuning

Special conversions of the suspension:

  • Conversion of Showa Motocross air forks to springs
  • WP 48 AER air fork convert to spring
  • WP 4CS conversion with additional high and low speed adjusters
  • Supermoto modifications
  • Super Duke tuning also for racetrack
  • Conversions for tours with luggage or 2 man operation
  • Shorten suspension to lower motorcycle for shorter persons
  • all other conversions on request
Shim for fork und shock absorber ID=12mm, AD=44mm, Höhe=0,30mm
Originale OEM shock absorber und fork Shims.
Innendurchmesser: 12mm
Außendurchmesser: 44mm
Höhe: 0,30mm
Für eine perfekte Abstimmung der fork und des Federbeins mit präzieser Dämpfung...
1,77 EUR
ready to ship in 1-2 days
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