Motocross and Enduro Suspension Service

Important information about suspension service

Forks and shocks sent in from Wednesday, December 16, 2020, can unfortunately only be processed from January 10, 2021.

We offer you the following service possibilities of your suspension:

  • Motocross and Endurofork service and optional adaptation of the tuning
  • Motocross and Enduroshock absorber service and optional adaptation of the tuning
  • Fork service for street motorcycles and touring bikes with optional adaptation of the tuning
  • Shock absorber service for road motorcycles and touring motorcycles with optional tuning of the tuning

Special conversions of the suspension:

  • Conversion of Showa Motocross air forks to springs
  • WP 48 AER air fork convert to spring
  • WP 4CS conversion with additional high and low speed adjusters
  • Supermoto modifications
  • Super Duke tuning also for racetrack
  • Conversions for tours with luggage or 2 man operation
  • Shorten suspension to lower motorcycle for shorter persons
  • all other conversions on request
Shim for fork und shock absorber ID=12mm, AD=44mm, Höhe=0,30mm
Originale OEM shock absorber und fork Shims.
Innendurchmesser: 12mm
Außendurchmesser: 44mm
Höhe: 0,30mm
Für eine perfekte Abstimmung der fork und des Federbeins mit präzieser Dämpfung...
1,77 EUR
ready to ship in 1-2 days*
*from the date of the order. Please refer to the shipping information for information about shipping times
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
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