shock service

Motocross - Enduro - Road Motorcycle Shock Absorber Service € 90, -

Not only your fork but also your shock absorber gets a professional service with us. The shock absorber is completely dismantled during service and all components are cleaned and tested for wear and tear. The piston rod is polished on the lathe and small parts cleaned with ultrasound. Cleaning agents, greases and the new shock absorber oil are included in the price.
Wear parts are additionally calculated and you have the choice which should be installed!
Here to the form for sending in the shock absorber

Options for the shock absorber service:

  • Service with original service kit (piston rod seal, dirt seal, guide bush, stop rubber)
  • Service with SKF shock seal head
  • additional Low Friction piston ring (recommended for a good response and reduced release of the shock absorber with increasing temperature.)

For you personalized tuning of the shock absorber

As with the fork, we can adjust your shock absorbers individually for you to adapt to driving conditions, to the ground conditions of your most traveled route, to problems you have such as e.g. To harsh appealing or striking suspension or to your body weight. We can do this in conjunction with a service. For this we need from you an accurate information on how the landing gear now behaves and how the change of the tuning change should behave.
Additional costs for the service € 40, -

  • Includes Shim
  • Including reworking or reworking of the components
  • If a spring is needed, it must be calculated separately

If any additional defects are detected during the service, we will inform you and clarify additional costs before the repair.

How long does the service take?

Our goal is that you as a customer can go from weekend to weekend again!
If you have a problem on the weekend and for example. Your fork is leaking. Then remove the fork, clean and IMPORTANT together with the service-form, which you can print here, to us. Please send your chassis to us by Tuesday. With the form we know what to do and there should be no questions from us and we can get started immediately. This saves us and you time when the form is well filled. On Thursday at the latest, your suspension will be sent out to you and you can drive again on the weekend.
Please refer to our shipping table for shipping time to your country.

For all service work we have the parts there and we offer you the fast service
- should be defective, e.g. A broken component that we do not have in stock, then we can not keep the time. Then we will inform you about it.

All mentioned prices include VAT plus shipping