N10Z Shock Valve

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What is the N10Z shock valve?

The patented N10Z Compression Valve guarantees the improvement of breakdown reserves and the traction.
The N10Z valve also improves the sensitivity of Motocross and Enduro suspension and allows you to go faster with more comfort.
N10Z automatically, reliably and dynamically responds to all riding conditions.
The compression valve adapts to your driving style.

The intelligent system - N10Z Compression Valve

  • Slow Ride - soft damping
  • fast ride - harder damping
  • hard ground - soft damping
  • soft ground - hard damping
  • wet and slippery - soft damping
  • rough - hard damping

Installation N10Z suspension shock valve:

The N10Z compression valve is fully assembled and ready for use.
It is best to install in combination with a Shock Service.
Here, the original compression valve is replaced by the N10Z valve.

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